Efficient Vertical Machining Center

convenient and fast operation
modern design
sturdy and durable structure
high cost performance

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Product Description:

IV-850, a newly designed series of highly efficient vertical machining centers, has set a new milestone in the field of standard vertical machining centers.
It demonstrates the value of its existence with its simplicity of operation, modern design, durable structure and high performance and price.
The good combination of machine tool performance and stability is a new achievement created by Jiangnan CNC engineers on the basis of years of experience.
It is a reliable production equipment with good performance under the condition of high speed and high precision. This brand new product line will improve your processing ability and quality level.

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Product Comparison:

Electric Cabinet Box Humanization Design

• Sealed Electric cabinet box,prevent from oil fog, water spray, avoid short circuit and damage caused by damp.

• Electric appliance all reach saftey requirement,the layout is clean,orderly and reasonable.

• Discharge of quantity of heat:designed with louver, can discharge the heat,lower the temperature, make sure the machine running well , improve it's service life.

When design outer cover, we emphasize convenient operation for handling tools and workpiece at short range.

The design of large inspection window is easy to observe for handlers.

• The position of the operating box designed by ergonomics makes the operator more convenient and handy when operating the machine tool.

• The enclosed cover design not only protects the operator's safety, but also prevents the waste and cutting fluid from splashing during the processing.
Ensure clean and tidy working environment.

Oil mist collector R. Korean Water Gun

Point oil cooler

Product Details:

Mitsubishi M80 System FANUC System

• The control system is equipped with the high performance high-speed precision control system, Mitsubishi M80 system, full touch panel, which improves the accuracy,production efficiency and process safety.

• The number of control programs and the memory system of the control system are more than those of the previous models.

• The control system is equipped with SD card to increase the memory element.

The control system has many kinds of error compensation. Achieve high precision processing.

With the high performance and high precision control system, the FANUC system has been improved.
Accuracy, production efficiency and safety of processing process.

• The control system is equipped with a plug-in card to increase the memory element.

• The control system has a variety of error compensation to achieve high precision processing.

principal axis Water tank structure

•Japan Pusen spindle center blowing, keep clean tool handle, improve processing accuracy.

• The spindle direct connection type has the function of circular spraying, but the belt type does not.

•  The air curtain protection of the spindle prevents dust particles from entering the spindle bearing and enhances the service life of the spindle.

•  The nozzles integrated around the spindle avoid adjusting the single nozzle when processing complex shapes.

• The labyrinth water tank design effectively avoids iron filings and oil pollution entering the pump.

•High-pressure pumps provide sufficient pressure for the cutting fluid system to cool the heat generated by cutting tools and workpieces.

Special guideway for guideway shield Shoulder-carrying type of tool holder installation

• The service life of the shield is increased (the design of the auxiliary guide rails shifts

the support points of the shield to the middle,

thereby increasing the service life of the shield).
The rigidity of the shield is strengthened, the shield is not easy to deform, and the service life of the shield is increased.

•The guide rail is durable (the shield is not in contact with the main rail, thus increasing the service life of the main rail).

• The design of shoulder-mounted tool storehouse installation mode makes the tool storehouse bear direct force and base,

and the column is not easy to deform, so that the tool storehouse can not be deformed easily.
Improve the accuracy and stability of machine tools.

•Through the static analysis of the force on the column bearing the weight of the disc cutter storehouse, the linear deformation of the column is calculated.
0.0015 mm and 0.004 mm of the deformation of the support of the column tool library,

which meets the accuracy and geometry requirements of the machining center.