High Speed and High Precision Machining Center

Structural design with High rigidity and dynamic performance
Short nose spindle, high precision and rigidity
Air blowing in the center of the spindle and air curtain protection of the spindle
High Speed and High Precision Performance Control System
Fully enclosed protection (oil mist reclaimer OP)
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Product Description:

V800,a  newly designed series of highly efficient vertical machining centers has set a new milestone in the field of standard vertical machining centers. It demonstrates the value of its existence with its simplicity of operation, modern design, durable structure and unprecedented high performance and price.
The perfect combination of machine tool performance and stability is a new achievement created by Jiangnan CNC engineers on the basis of years of experience. It is a reliable production equipment with impeccable performance under the condition of high speed and high precision. This brand new product line will improve your processing ability and quality level.

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Product Comparison:

The spindle box of spindle direct connection type adopts thermal symmetry to reduce the influence of spindle deformation on the dimensional accuracy of parts.

The  design of the main shaft source reduces the thermal displacement. Improve the accuaracy and life of the spindle .

It is superior to the swaying cutter with the new structure of floating cutter, avoiding bearing bearing bearing directly bearing cutter force and prolonging bearing life.

Blow air in the center of the spindle to keep the tool handle clean and improve the processing accuracy.

The air curtain protection of the spindle prevents dust particles from entering the spindle bearing and enhances the service life of the spindle.

The nozzles integrated around the spindle avoid adjusting the single nozzle when processing complex shapes.

The control system is equipped with the highest performance high-speed precision control system, Mitsubishi M80 system, full touch panel, which improves the accuracy, production efficiency and process safety.

The number of control programs and the memory system of the control system are increased compared with the previous models.

The control system is equipped with SD plug-in card to increase the external memory element. The control system has many kinds of error compensation .

Achieve high precision processing.

Product Details:

tool Spindle Box and Spindle

•Because of the isolation between tool  storehouse and processing area,

the tool is well protected from chip contamination.

•Standard-matching is the most advanced synchronous servo tool library,

which greatly improves the efficiency of tool change while ensuring the stability of tool changing.

Three axle adopt one-in-one  bearing seat,  all kinds of loads acting on  machine toosl will eventually be transferred to the bed through various links.
greatly improving the dynamic performance and transmission rigidity of the machine.

Due to some reasons such as  processing difficulties and   processing  accuracy,
Very few domestic have this innovative structural design.

structure water tank

Pursuing perfection and perfection, we have persistent persistentence and pursuing high-quality products and  the quality spirit of pureuing excellence.

• The labyrinth water tank design effectively avoid iron chips and oil pollution entering the pump.

•High-pressure pumps provide sufficient pressure for the chip fluid system to cool the

heat generated by cutting tools and workpiece processing.

Air Compression System

The air pressure system is centralized and hung outside the protection,

It is easy to manage and maintain the position of the injector .
It is convenient to add lubricating oil , far away from electrical components , ensuring safety and ease to use.