High-speed Heavy-duty Machining Center

Structural Design of High Speed, Heavy Cutting and High Precision
Short nose spindle, high precision and rigidity
Air blowing in the center of the spindle and air curtain protection of the spindle
High Speed and High Precision Performance Control System
Fully enclosed protection (oil mist reclaimer OP)
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JN-NV900As a high-speed and high-precision heavy-duty cutting center, it can be competent for high-performance heavy-duty cutting or all-round precision cutting, which also benefits from the design of high dynamic performance structure.
In order to achieve the above characteristics, all castings are optimized by finite element analysis (FEA). Symmetry, compactness, high performance and thermal stability are adopted in the design. The rigidity of the body of the integrated box bed is the basis to ensure that the machine tool does not deform. It can also ensure good shock absorption, high stability and high rigidity when it is processed continuously under heavy load. Reaction in the processing structure is stable milling performance. The constant quality of high precision production process is guaranteed.
This newly designed and highly efficient vertical machining center opens a new chapter in the field of standard vertical machining centers. With its high-speed and high-precision cutting, simple operation, modern design, durability and automatic chip removal, it has demonstrated its high performance, and won a reputation in the market. From low-speed casting processing to high-speed aluminum alloy processing, it meets the extensive needs of various industries led by the automotive industry and shows its existence value.

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