Hello everyone!

I am the general manager of Jiangnan Numerical Control Co., Ltd. Shi Jiannan, the big waves and sands, and the rapids. In the turbulent market economy, the Jiangnan people have always stood up for the tide, waved and sailed. After more than 10 years of hard work and struggle, Jiangnan people have gone through a period of struggle with painstaking efforts and sweat. We are grateful to all sectors of the community for their strong support and selfless care for Jiangnan CNC. Thanks to the hard-working employees who work hard in various positions!

In order to speed up the company's five-year strategic development, expand production, and increase market share, the company established Jiangnan Technology (Songyang) Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary of the headquarters in 2017, and purchased 107.6 mu of land in Songyang County of Lishui City as a production of Jiangnan technology. The operation of the site marks a new milestone in the improvement of Jiangnan CNC production capacity. In 2018, Jiangnan CNC was rated as a high-tech enterprise in Zhejiang Province, marking the company's products into the ranks of high-tech products. In 2019, the just-concluded new product launch conference promoted communication with customers, agents and suppliers, strengthened cooperation, and laid a solid foundation for the company's future market expansion. Passion and sweat have made the past, and rationality and strength have shaped the future. In the next three years, the company will steadily advance the mid-range market, aim at the high-end market, fully grasp the core technology, vigorously enhance the core competitiveness, promote the transition to the high-end market, take the road of Jiangnan CNC boutique, and achieve the company's development strategy.

Jiangnan people insist on taking work as a career, integrating their careers into life, resolutely becoming a responsible person, running a responsible enterprise, insisting that quality is the eternal theme, earnestly is the basis for manufacturing quality, and insisting on the simultaneous development with customers. Adhering to the combination of economic and social benefits, the cultural concept of affinity, closeness and affection will continue to grow along with the development of the company. I believe that there are leaders and leaders from all walks of life who care and support from all walks of life. With the love of all partners and customers, Jiangnan CNC will surely win a more brilliant situation. Jiangnan CNC will be even better tomorrow!

April 2019