︱Strategic Approach︱

Adhere to a high starting point, high investment, high technology, and carry forward the team spirit of "taking advantage of others, excellence, people-oriented".

︱Business Philosophy︱

“Technology is leading, technology is the leader, market-oriented”

︱Development History︱

Jiangnan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established on September 9, 2006. Its predecessor was Zhejiang Tainan Machinery Factory. The company independently developed and produced the first JN-800 vertical CNC machining center optical machine at 2006.11.20. In view of the market demand and the development prospects of the company, the company transformed and produced the processing center of its own brand in 2008, and built a digital national brand and a century-old enterprise. After several years of long-term research and development, the company has introduced horizontal machining center series: JN-H50, JN-H63, JN-H80, H1810, JN-H100; hard rail vertical machining center series: JN-800, JN -1000, JN-1500, JN-1800; line processing center series: JN-L800II, JN-L1100II, JN-L1600II, JN-L1800II and other products.