High-speed Heavy-duty Machining Center

Structural Design of High Speed, Heavy Cutting and High Precision
Short nose spindle, high precision and rigidity
Air blowing in the center of the spindle and air curtain protection of the spindle
High Speed and High Precision Performance Control System
Fully enclosed protection (oil mist reclaimer OP)
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Product Description:

NV1050, as a high-speed and high-precision heavy-duty cutting center, is competent for both high-performance heavy-duty cutting and omni-directional close cutting, which also benefits from the design of high dynamic performance structure.
In order to achieve the above characteristics, all castings are optimized by finite element analysis (FEA). Symmetry, compactness, high rigidity and thermal stability are adopted in the design. The rigidity of the body of the integrated box bed is the basis to ensure that the machine tool does not deform. It can also ensure good shock absorption, high stability and high rigidity when it is processed continuously under heavy load. Reaction in the processing structure is stable milling performance. The constant quality of high precision production process is guaranteed.
This newly designed and highly efficient vertical machining center opens a new chapter in the field of standard vertical machining centers. With its high speed, high precision and heavy cutting, simple operation, modern design, ruggedness and durability, and automatic chip removal, it has demonstrated its high performance and won a reputation in the market. From low-speed casting processing to high-speed aluminum alloy processing, it meets the extensive needs of various industries led by the automotive industry and shows its existence value.

Product Comparison:

•Blow air in the center of spindle to keep tool handle clean and improve machining accuracy

Air curtain protection of spindle to prevent dust from entering the spindle bearing and improve the life of spindle

The nozzle integrated around the spindle avoids adjusting a single nozzle when processing complex shapes.

• Three-axle guideway adopts Japanese THK45 roller super-high speed linear guideway, which has high rigidity, high load and high speed.
High Speed and Low Temperature

Three-axis screw adopts Japanese THKSBN4012X super-high speed super-silent ball screw with DN up to
2200000 Low Noise Low Temperature Rigidity Increasing Speed

NV900 is verified by repeated analysis to ensure structural rigidity at the design stage. Enhanced by tradition
Ruggedness, with the highest performance and high precision control system, FANUC Series Oi-MF
The system improves the accuracy, production efficiency and process safety.

• The control system is equipped with CF plug-in card, which can increase the external memory infinitely.

• The control system has many kinds of error compensation to realize high precision machining.

Gear-type spindle speed-changing device provides strong torque at low speed and guarantees at high speed.
Steady rotation, so the processing range is wider

Product Details:

Oil-Water Separation Box
Machine tool chip removal

• Designing oil-water flow in machine tool to prevent 80% of dirty oil from flowing into water tank and mixing with cutting fluid to deteriorate,

which will affect the processing quality.

Using twin screw and chain plate chip remover in machine tool chip removal design

• Machine tool processing iron chips and coolant flow with high inclined shield to both sides of chip removal screw, and then from the chain plate type

The chip removal machine discharges the outside of the machine tool to the garbage truck, effectively reducing the non-processing time of the machine tool and reducing the labor intensity of the staff.

Electric cabinet

•Closed electric cabinet, to prevent any oil and water mist into the cabinet, so as to avoid damp and short circuit or damage of electrical components

• Electrical appliances standards meet safety requirements, neat, orderly and rational layout

The air compressor system is centralized outside the protection, easy to manage and maintain.

• The position of oil injector follows the principle of easy adding lubricating oil, far away from the original parts of electrical appliances, ensuring safety and convenience of use.

water tank

• 300L super large capacity labyrinth water tank, long-term supply of stable flow and low temperature cutting fluid standard oil-water separator.
Preventing the deterioration of cutting fluid, with green environmental protection