High Speed Heavy Horizontal Machining Center

Structural Design of High Speed and High Rigidity
Large space utilization ratio, easy operation
High production efficiency and chip removal efficiency
High Speed and High Precision Performance Control System
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Product Description:

Jiangnan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. was established in 2006. It is a high-tech modern management enterprise specializing in the integration of research, development, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service of CNC machining centers, with import and export rights.
With high quality production standards and fast service, Jiangnan CNC Machine tools have developed products independently, high-speed and high-precision CNC Machine tools all over the country, with  a number of independent research and development patents, and passed the ISO 9001 Quality Standard certification in 2012.
The reliable products of Jiangnan CNC Machine Tool Co., Ltd. provide large range of product selection and good profit for every customer, so the H series high-speed heavy horizontal machining center is bred. It has high rigidity structure design, stable thermal performance and high processing efficiency. All castings were optimized by finite element analysis (FEA). Products are widely used in energy industry, mining industry, oil and gas industry, abrasive tools and copper and iron industry.

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Product Comparison:

Blow air in the center of the spindle to keep the tool handle clean and improve the processing accuracy.

•The air curtain protection of the spindle prevents dust from entering the spindle bearing and enhances the service life of the spindle.

The nozzles integrated around the spindle avoid adjusting the single nozzle when processing complex shapes.

Three-axle guideway adopts Germany SCHNEEBERBER55 roller high-speed heavy-duty linear guideway with high rigidity, high load,

High speed and low temperature.。

Three-axis screw adopts Japanese THKSBN50X super-high speed silent ball screw, DN up to 2200000 noise low temperature
Rigidity of raising speed.

Equipped with the highest performance and high precision control system, FANUC Series Oi-MD
The system improves the accuracy, production efficiency and safety of the processing process.

•The control system is equipped with CF plug-in card, which can increase the external memory infinitely.

The control system has many kinds of error compensation to realize high precision machining.

Gear-type spindle speed change device provides strong torque at low speed and ensures stable rotation at high speed.
So the processing range is wider.

Product Details:

Oil-water separator Machine tool chip removal

• Oil contamination in water tank will lead to deterioration and odor of coolant for a long time. Separator can effectively separate oil contamination and clean water tank.

The embedded twin-screw chip-rolling system can remove chips efficiently and prevent the leakage of the base of traditional sheet metal assembly and chip-rolling system.

• Dual combination of twin screw and chain plate can easily remove chips from the machine tool and send them to the garbage truck, effectively reducing the non-processing time and reducing the machine tool.
Labor Intensity of Employees

Electric cabinet Electric box

•Closed electric cabinet, to prevent any oil and water mist into the cabinet, so as to avoid damp and short circuit or damage of electrical components

• Electrical appliances standards meet safety requirements, neat, orderly and rational layout

The air compressor system is centralized outside the protection, easy to manage and maintain.

•The position of oil injector follows the principle of easy adding lubricating oil,

far away from the original parts of electrical appliances, ensuring safety and convenience of use.

Tool magazine

Horizontal Machining Center Tool Base, Cam Segmentation Mechanism, High Precision, Low Fault; Separate Claw, Fast Tool Change.
Stable performance, easy maintenance

• Modular design, can be based on the actual production needs of customers to configure a variety of tool Libraries