.Structural design with High and dynamic performance

.Fully enclosed protection,oil mist recovery machine

.Air blowing in the center of the spindle and air curtain

protection of the spindle

.High speed and high precision performance control system

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Product Description:

The rigidity of the integrated box-type bed is the basis to ensure that the machine tool is not deformed.The loe center of gravity (the design center of gravity of the whole machine tool is 600 mm high) makes the machine tool's amplitude small and not easy to be resonated.  The long-span fulcrum (the four-point support distance is 1200 mm X840 mm)guarantees that the center of gravity of the machine tool is offset by the influence of the workpiece without the large-distance offset of the center of gravity of the in order to prevent the vibration superposition of different self-shaped staggered bars are designed to avoid the same amplitude.

X/Y/Z feed shaft (60m/min) optimization is a method to improve the dynamic performance with HRV control technology .  The method of improving the dynamic

characteristics of feed shaft by increasing transmission ratio is suitable for high-speed mobile machine tools .  The output speed of servo motor does not reach the rated speed.The maching performance can be improved by increasing transmission ratio.

Imported precision ball screw ,precision linear guide rail ang P4 angular contact bearing are used in all three axes.

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Product Comparison:

• The three axes of T500 cobalt tapping center are all one-piece bearing

pedestal ,and all kinds of loads acting on the machine tool will eventually

be transferred to the bed through various links,which greatly improves

the dynamic performance and transmission rigidity of the machine .

Due to some reasons such as processing difficulties and processing accuaracy,very few domestic have this innovative structural desgin.

All castings are analyzed by FEM finite element method with rigidity, dynamic, damping, frequency and restraint optimization design.

Compared with the same machine, the rigidity of the machine increased by 70%.

The X-axis shield adopts two-piece full-motion design, which ican achieve large travel, small space, fast and stable movement.

Y-axis  shield design single-chip  full -cover type, simple and reliable.

Z-axis shield is unique design, driven by gravity is more environmentally friendly and reliable.

The special too library in Jiangnan is designed with frequency conversion motor, which can be controlled by PLC software to achieve rapid tool change and more reliable performance.

The cam driven the tool library to ensures the smooth operation of  precision transmission when using heavy cutters.

The labyrinth water tank design effectively avoids iron chips  and oil pollution entering the pump.

High-pressure pumps provide sufficient pressure for the chip fluid system to cool the heat generated by cutting tools and workpiece processing.

•Closed electric cabinet,  prevent any oil mist, water mist into the

cabinet,so as  to avoid damp electrical components  and short circuit

or damage.

• Electrical standards meet safety requirements, standardized machine tools.

• The air pressure system is centrally and hung outside the protection, which is easy to manage and maintain.

Mechanical decompression, no circuit malfunction and alarm risk, to ensure the normal operation of machine tools.

Product Details:

Pursuing High Acceleration Spindle Box and Spindle

The spindle box of spindle direct connection type adopts thermal symmetry to reduce the

influence of thermal deformation of spindle on the dimensional accuracy of parts.

• The front end of the spindle is equipped with large size bearings with diameter of 45,

which greatly improves the rigidity and stability of the spindle.

• The desginof the main shaft structure of heat insulation source reduce thermal displacement.

Improve the accuracy and life of the spindle.

Comparison of Z-axis positioning time Bit

New Generation Control System

The control system is equipped with the high performance high-speed and high-precision control system, Mitsubishi M80B system, which improves the accuracy.

Production efficiency and Process safety.

• The number of control programs and memory of the control system are increased compared with the previous models, and the control system is equipped with SD card

to control system has avartety of error compensation.Achieve high  precision processing.